Tuesday, May 23, 2017


I have gone 51 years with never having Lice!!! Then one day one of my 4 daughters gets it and her son and doesn't take the correct precautions and clean and do all those things you have to do so they don't spread like wildfire. And what happens???? Grandson with lice comes to Nana's and gives lice to Nana and his little 2 years old cousin who ends up with a shaved head.

Maybe I should do the same. It is very frustrating, It itches like crazy and I had it for at least 10 days so the eggs hatched and I had black bugs crawling all over my scalp. I did a lice treatment and we checked it 7 days later and I still had eggs and 3 dead ones...UGH!!! I am on my 2nd treatment tomorrow will be 7 days again for the second time and I better not have anymore.

I do not wish this upon my worse enemy well ok maybe an x-husband LOL 

If this happens to you wash everything in HOT HOT water dry on hottest setting vacuum couch & rugs buy the special spray and spray beds rugs furniture. Everyday you have to take your bedding and if not wash it daily at least throw in dryer on hottest setting.

Seep hardwood floors pull cushions out spray spray spray and do not forget your vehicle.

This is a nightmare, then as a precaution I use the shampoo to prevent lice from coming back and that crap makes my hair staticy and you can not use any other product in your hair until you have done your last lice treatment and are 100% sure your recovered.

I am never going through this again.

I spent several days doing research on this and LICE do not care where you come from. You can have the cleanest house on Mars and they will find you!

So when a child comes home with a note that the school has lice check them or take them to their doctor and have them checked ASAP and do your whole family if found!!!! So it doesn't spread.

Good luck!!! I will keep you updated as tomorrow will be my last treatment. God willing.