Friday, December 15, 2017

Don't Take Love Away From a Child

I am a Nana and I love all 9 of my grandchildren. I have a closer relationship with some because I helped raise them. But that doesn't mean I love any less.

That being said, I am very upset at the actions of my grown children. I have been excluded many times from my grandchildren's activities, for instance Birthday parties, because I am no longer married to their Father and haven't been since March of 1988. They want his side of the family to be there and if I am there they wont come.

This is a wake up people!!!!!

I am not that person I was when I was married to HIM! 

Instead of playing these childish games and creating such drama, and hurting your own children by denying them love from their Nana. You should embrace the fact that I love them and they love me, unconditionally. 

I have been their since day one for Christopher & Brooke, then I was there for Jada as well babysitting all 3 for about a year. Then Jada was gone and I was only watching Brooke & Christopher, then Brooke moved away with her parents and I had Christopher. 

Then Christopher getting a little brother and I have Jamel for 2 years everyday while Mommy was at work.

Now I have a daughter who is jealous and I am not allowed to see my boys!!!

I was told I was no longer able to see Christopher and Jamel because I lied to Christopher??? Really that is not true. I would never lie to Christopher, I was teaching him not to lie to his mother whom by the way he is scared of. He thinks she doesn't love him...I do not want him growing up thinking that. 

I not only teach them things like talking, walking, manners, love of God, how to pray. But I play with them and they know I love them.

So what happens to  these boys when they can no longer be with their Nana???

Well the response I get is they will be fine.

What no one is seeing is that this is one less person in your child's life that loves them. He is 2 years old, he doesn't understand why he can't be with his Nana.

That's cruel to deny a child love, a healthy love that will take them through their lives and show them how to love and treat others.


Why on earth would you do that to your own children?

I am not abusive, I do not talk bad about you, I just love them. 

You 4 girls as sister's are very nosy in each other's lives and now it's affecting mine. Stay out of things you know nothing about. 

Our house is none of your business. We have a extra room we call it the grand kids room, some of the grandchildren call it their room, so what!!!!! Who cares, they all use it.

This petty crap is immature and out of hand.

My grandchildren have the right to be loved by me as did my children but that was all taken away too...Not getting into all that crap.

Lets not let the past repeat itself.

Let's just breath and let the littleone's be where they want to be, where they get the most love and attention.

Stop telling these children I don't love them! Some of you created this situation where I wasn't allow to be involved so now you are going to have to live with it and get over it. I tried many times to take Jada to Sunday School and to the kids group on Wednesdays. I tried to have a tea party with her, ect.....

I have taken Olivia to the zoo and we also had a tea party, I have taught Olivia & Kayleigh & Christopher how to keep a journal. Kayleigh and I spent a day making paper dolls. I have taken Christopher,  Kayleigh, Olivia & Naviah to school many times and even picked them up. Naviah has spent lots of time with me and Christopher, I took them to the Oktoberfest last year and taught them how to hula hoop while we were there. There are many things I have done with all my grandchildren. Some of you just don't know it!!!!

We have cancelled Christmas at our house this year. We are no longer going to be treated like this. No more drama, no more being ignored. No more treating me like crap by calling me "Gwen" instead of Mom...I am done!!!!!

We will not be DICTATED to!!!

I put a lock on my heart and none of you have the key.

Someday you might actually grow up and regret the way you have treated me.

All I ever wanted my whole life was to be a "Mommy" and your father took that away from me. This is why you disrespect me.

No more, your all adults and I will continue to pray for you as I have always done, but I no longer want a relationship with any of you, it's to dam painful and you all make to many rules. My heart is full of love to give but I don't and won't do it with all your silly rules.

There will be a day when I am very old and ready to die. You will want to say your goodbye's, I am sorry's and what not, and then I am going to apply your rules to my death. 

I pray that your children grow up to treat you better than you have me.

Christopher and Jamel
I love you always, and even though we can't see each other know always that I love you and I know you love me. Nobody can ever take that away from us.

To all my other grandchildren I love each of you always have and always will. I am so tired of your mother's saying I don't love my grandchildren.
I left North Dakota and moved to be closer to my parents because of the hurt and pain I have gone through for way to long. I will no longer be used by you to help raise your kids, just so you can take them from me. 
I only have one daughter who actually has talked to me, you know have a conservation, not judge me. We get along great. The other three have never taken the time to ask me to go for coffee and have a talk or do anything together. It's always drama, taking sides, I am so done. I am at the point in my life where I am going to do what I want when I want and that's my decision, Now that I am in a different state they will not know what I am doing and who with, or where, how and why. They will have to find someone else to judge and talk about. I am gone.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

4th Of July With The Grand Kids

This 4th of July I decided to do a Ice Cream Float Bar
The kids all go to our local parade every year and I thought it would be nice to have something cool for them when they got done. Well it was 93 degrees today so I guess I made the right choice. The parade route goes one block from our house..Nice right?

So we went to Wal-Mart and bought some jars 12 of them and some long ice tea spoons, red, white & blue straws.

Several different kinds of Soda Pop
Some cherries to it off and all the flavored toppings you could imagine and Sprinkles!

Vanilla Ice cream, Cotton Candy Craze ice cream and Black Cherry Chocolate Chip and a Tropical Sherbet

I set up some little tables on our back deck for the kiddo's 

                 I made some fans for each of my 9 grandchildren

                                                             They Loved them!!!!
                                                               So did the adults

                          I set up a photo backdrop

Andrew, Naviah, Rebecca & Kayleigh
Annastacia, Jada, Jordan & Nayziah Smith

And everyone had a blast cooling off.


Christopher & Jamel
Tim, Brooke & Ambrosia Whittington


Monday, November 21, 2016


Most Thanksgivings my children and grandchildren stop by on their way to their father's house and have appetizers which is lots of goodies laid out on fancy dishes and I make a hot cocoa bar for the little ones. 

This year we are going to change things up and make a sangria for the adults and still have a hot cocoa bar for the little ones but also have hot cider with cinnamon. 

I will take photo's and post  later

Christmas I go all out.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Halloween 2016 The Grandchildren

This is the first year I got pictures of all the grandchildren!!!! I am so tickled.

My oldest daughter Barbara holding her son Jamel on the right and holding her nephew Jordon on the right

Christopher, Kayleigh, Olivia, Jada, Nayziah, Naviah, Jodan & Jamel

Brooke out in Baltimore, MD

Brothers Jamel & Christopher



Aren't they adorable???? I love them all so much. I am blessed.

Halloween At Nana's

Every year I try to do something special with as many as my grandchildren as I can.

This year the kids made these for Nana's clothes line

Nana's is the pumpkin on the end.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Tea Time With Olivia

I decided to have a special Tea Party with each of my granddaughter's This one was with Olivia

Banner Tea Party

I taught her how to set a fancy table


She picked these Tea cups, I have many to chose from

We need to have table etiquette, very important for all ladies to know

Her special invitation 

She put her invitation in her journal

Pretty invitation for a pretty lady

We picked delicate pastries to have 
Everything was delicious 

We set the table

We had a wonderful time

A precious memory she will treasure for many years