Friday, July 8, 2016

4th Of July

I spent time with my Daughter Ambrosia and her husband Tim and their beautiful daughter Brooke Lynn. They live in Baltimore, MD and I haven't seen them for 2 years. It was wonderful seeing them.

Brooke, Ambrosia and me Nana 3 generations
My daughter Rebecca and her daughter Kayleigh

Rebecca, Ambrosia & Barbie my daughters

Christopher my grandson with his Aunt my daughter Rebecca

Kayleigh & Olivia sisters my granddaughter's

Naviah and his mom My daughter

Nayzaih my grandson and his Aunt Barbie my daughter

Sisters and my daughter's Ambrosia & Barbie

My grandson Jamel and his Aunt my daughter Rebecca

My grandson Christopher his mom Barbie and her sister Rebecca my daughters

My grandson Naviah

My grandson's (Cousins) Christopher & Nayziah

My granddaughter Olivia

My twin daughter's Annastacia & Rebecca

My granddaughter Jada and her Aunt Barbie my daughter

My daughter Barbie and her Niece Brooke my granddaughter

my grandson Nayziah

My grandson Jordan and his Aunt my daughter Rebecca

Cousins and my grandkids Brooke & Jamel

Barbie and Christopher my daughter & Grandson

Rebecca and Nayziah

Thedosia my princess

Rebecca and Byron

Rebecca and Brooke

Barbie & Olivia

It was a fun Holiday for all!!!!!!

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