Sunday, December 20, 2015

A New Holiday Tradition

I made this Advent Calender for my grandchildren in each envelope is the following ideas 1) Read a Christmas Story, 2) Watch a Christmas Movie, 3) Color in a Christmas Coloring book, 4) Make a Christmas Craft together, 5) Do a Christmas Cookie decorating kit, 6) Write a Letter to Santa, 7) Write a letter to Baby Jesus, 8) Make Christmas Cookie, 9) Look at Christmas Lights, Give cookies to homeless shelter/Adult Abused Resource Center 10)Bake cupcakes , 11) Have some Hot Chocolate, 12) Sing Christmas Songs, 13) Collect Pine Cones, 14) Have a picnic by the Christmas Tree, 15) Make a construction paper chain and hang it, 16) Put Candy Canes on the tree, 17) Take a toy to a child in need, 18) Bake a Apple Pie, 19) Make a Christmas Ornament, 20) Build a snowman, 21) Have game night, 22) Hang the stocking up, 23) Have a pajama day, 24) set up the Nativity Manger 

I started this to teach the children about giving and sharing and that Christmas isn't all about getting and Santa Claus. But about Jesus birthday. Each year I add new things like taking some to see the Nutcracker or whatever other activities are on our local calendar.

These are very easy to make I used scrap- booking stickers and craft items for mine.   

I bought most of the stuff at the dollar store. 

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