Saturday, December 19, 2015

Nana's Blog About Everything

Hello, I would like introduce myself. I am Gwen a mother of 4 daughter's and grandmother to 9 grandchildren. I have 2 other blogs, one for genealogy and one for journals I make. 

I am very creative and I need an outlet so here you have it my outlet. I will post all kinds of things from life lessons to setting a table for a family gathering. I love photo's so there will be abundance posted here. Starting with my family.

I am the mom Gwen

My oldest daughter Barbie
My 2nd oldest daughter Ambrosia married to Tim

My Twin daughter Annastacia married to Byron

My Twin daughter Rebecca married to Andrew

 These are my children. I wanted each and everyone of them even though they were not planned. They have been the joy and frustration of my life.

This is my oldest daughter's kids Christopher & Jamel 
Christopher is the joy of my life he has the most beautiful heart and he loves Jesus. Jamel pulls at Nana's heart strings everyday. I watch him Tuesday-Saturday from 6am-1:30pm then I go to work. We spend the day playing and cooing and spitting up and crying and laughing and when he sleeps I try to get house work done.

Brooke Lynn my daughter Ambrosia's daughter

She is very precious and joyful she will make you laugh.She is the only grandchild I have who lives too far away in Baltimore.

Ambrosia, Tim & Brooke Lynn

Rebecca, Andrew and Kayleigh, Olvia & Naviah
Annastacia & Byron with new baby Jordan

Jada & Nayziah Annastacia & Byron's kids

Me and my 2nd husband Brian

Brian my 2nd husband 
Brian is the most wonderful loving and giving man in the entire world and even though he is my daughter's step father they have known him all their lives and call him dad. Not because we asked them to or made them but because they asked him if they could call him dad and he said it was up to them. He was called Uncle Brian before we were married.

So this is the start of my new blog and I will do my best to keep you entertained.

Enjoy you day and God's blessings to all.

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