Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Movie Night At Nana's

I started making these for my grandkids for our movie night.

Keeping a Journal making it a Tradition

I have kept a journal ever since I can remember. My mom taught me how and I have taught my children & Grandchildren. Here's my current journal.

Nana Staying Organized

I am a firm believer in staying organized and keeping track of those things that need to be done. So I keep a planner to help me remember when I am babysitting which grandchildren.

Quilt's for the Grandkid's

I decided I would make each grandchild a quilt as an heirloom. I still have 2 more to make. But here are the one's I have done.







 We had to more little boys born over the Summer so I need to get them quilts too.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Decorating Our Home

Recently I was shopping for an idea for a couple blank walls in our living room. I came across this affordable idea at Hobbie Lobbie, and I ran with it.

A book of prints all different sizes and layout ideas they have 5 or 6 books to choose from and several for kitchen
I bought the shelves at Hobbie Lobbie also but the picture frames I bought at Wal-mart

I had so much fun with these layouts I first laid them out on the floor as how I wanted them on the wall. I bought the shelves at Hobbie Lobbie and the photo frames from Wal-mart. They have several layouts to choose from and they also have kitchen prints.

Flower Arrangements To Perk Up The Home

I change my flower arrangement in my dragonfly vase every couple years. I chose Aqua this year. I got the flowers at Hobbie Lobbie and the vase I found at Pier One.

Christmas For the Grandkids

I started This tradition for all the holidays. I took a long piece of twin and made a clothes line to hang up the grandchildren's art work. I find coloring pages on google images and print them out and have the kids color them.

I have done this for Thanksgiving, Easter, Birthdays, and 4th of July and many more. You can also display their school art.

A New Holiday Tradition

I made this Advent Calender for my grandchildren in each envelope is the following ideas 1) Read a Christmas Story, 2) Watch a Christmas Movie, 3) Color in a Christmas Coloring book, 4) Make a Christmas Craft together, 5) Do a Christmas Cookie decorating kit, 6) Write a Letter to Santa, 7) Write a letter to Baby Jesus, 8) Make Christmas Cookie, 9) Look at Christmas Lights, Give cookies to homeless shelter/Adult Abused Resource Center 10)Bake cupcakes , 11) Have some Hot Chocolate, 12) Sing Christmas Songs, 13) Collect Pine Cones, 14) Have a picnic by the Christmas Tree, 15) Make a construction paper chain and hang it, 16) Put Candy Canes on the tree, 17) Take a toy to a child in need, 18) Bake a Apple Pie, 19) Make a Christmas Ornament, 20) Build a snowman, 21) Have game night, 22) Hang the stocking up, 23) Have a pajama day, 24) set up the Nativity Manger 

I started this to teach the children about giving and sharing and that Christmas isn't all about getting and Santa Claus. But about Jesus birthday. Each year I add new things like taking some to see the Nutcracker or whatever other activities are on our local calendar.

These are very easy to make I used scrap- booking stickers and craft items for mine.   

I bought most of the stuff at the dollar store. 

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Home Sweet Home

This is our home!!!!
We bought it in November of 1999
We have been re-modeling ever since and we are almost done

Our main floor spare bedroom

Main floor spare bedroom

Our dining roon//kitchen



Main floor bathroom

Main floor bathroom

Main floor bathroom

Living room

These have been moved to the basement and this room will be our library

going upstairs will be carpeted soon

upstairs hallway will be carpeted soon

up stairs hallway

up stairs grandkids room will be painted soon and carpet

our bedroom will be carpeted Jan 7th and we ordered a new bed

Up stairs bathroom

up stairs bathroom my dream spa

up stairs bathroom